Quilting Tour to New Zealand

New Zealand

27 September, 2019 ending 2019/10/13

We are proud to offer in 2019 another wonderful Quilting Tour to our customers.  For those of you lucky enough to have travelled with Samantha on previous tours to Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, the UK and Adelaide you will know what great value for money these tours provide.  The attention to detail and the extra treats along the way are some of the ways these tours are so special.  Plus getting to travel with like minded people and indulging our love of all things fabric is an extra factor that adds to the experience.

Here is the link to the brochure, followed by a link to the booking form which must be completed to secure your place. This tour is filling up very quickly, so please don’t hesitate if you are keen to join us.

Feel free to contact Samantha directly with any questions you might have on 0433382208,  email samantha@launchpadgroup.com.au  We look forward to your company.

South Australia July 2018

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