Workshops are what we do well here at Homespun. We have a large, fully equipped workroom which seats 14 people and it’s full most of the time!

There are 8 weekly classes every week with mornings, afternoons and nights so there’s bound to be a time to suit.

We also have monthly machine embroidery workshops and machine technique classes workshops which are suited to intermediate and advanced sewists.

We also hold specialty workshops on Saturdays. Some of these are monthly projects and some are one of projects teaching a new, exciting skill!

Beginner’s workshops are a 10 week course doing a sampler quilt. You will learn a bit of every patchwork skill and soon will find your calling! These are also great for advanced beginners to build confidence and brush up on some of the finer skills of patchwork.

Weekly Classes

Machine Embroidery Workshops

Saturday Specialty Workshops

Beginner’s Workshops

English Paper Piecing