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Aurifil Collection 12wt by Sarah Fielke

Includes 10 gorgeous 12wt 50mt spools

Sarah Fielke’s Big Stitch Hand Quilting is a tribute to one of her favorite techniques featuring one of her favorite Aurifil thread weights. Sarah was turned onto Aurifil 12wt years ago and never looked back. She loves to experiment with color, using light and dark shades of her go-tos for contours and highlighting.

She notes hand quilting as one of her greatest joys… an opportunity to abandon everything else, binge watch a favorite show and drink endless cups of tea with the quilt (and her dog) in her lap. With this collection, it’s her hope that this simple joy is passed along to quilters around the world.

Big Stitch Hand Quilting includes 10 small spools of cotton 12wt (2105, 2140, 2410, 2440, 2515, 2540, 5007, 4093, 2835, 2870).

Aurifil Collection 12wt - Big Stitch by Sarah Fielke

GST Included

    $8 Flat rate shipping within Australia

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