Found a product you love and would like it put aside while you pay it off.  No transaction fees, no interest payments - just good ol fashion laybying. We wanted to offer this option to our customers who prefer not to use afterpay facilities or buy products on credit. Please see details below:

Laybys can be paid in increments of minimum of $10. 

When 'checking out', select the 'pick up from store' option and postage won't be charged.

See below on how to set up your layby facility. You can pay as little as $10 off as many times you wish until your order is paid.  You can also increase the payment amount by increasing quantity, ie, Quantity of 2 equals $20.

When payment is close to being in full, we will contact you to arrange shipping or pickup and the final payment. Simple and convenient. 

To use this facility, please see details below:


To use this payment facility, simply call or email our shop letting us know the item/s you wish to layby. We will put the item/s aside and set up a layby record, into which we will save all your payments to.

Laybys are available for 6 weeks. Extensions can be arranged on a case by case basis.


Phone: 0893377182


Layby Payment

GST Included