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Limited Edition Sajou Sewing box filled sewing accessories - Paisley


All the essentials for your sewing needs in this gorgeous box printed with a paisley motif.

-a pair of scissors,
-a brass thimble,
-a red Sajou tape measure with a ring on each end,
-a small greenn seam ripper,
-a small click clack tin containing approx. 40 safety pins,
-six 150m polyester thread cocoons,
-two reels of cotton thread,
-a booklet of 15 assorted sewing needles,
- three Sajou thread cards.

The box consists of two trays, the top one with two small Sajou ribbons can be removed. It is entirely covered with a glossy paper printed with the Paisley miniature motif.


Please note that the colour of certain contents may change depending on our stock, but will always remain visually harmonious. This also makes each set unique.


Size of box: length 15cm - width 12cm - height 5cm.


Flat rate shipping available within Australia.

Limited Edition Sajou Sewing Box - Paisley

GST Included

    $8 Flat rate shipping within Australia

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